Our journey on the Dutch TV show “ik vertrek” (I leave)

Cameraman van tv-programma 'Ik Vertrek' samen met vader Bert
The popular Dutch tv show “Ik vertrek” has been following us during our journey. The last days filming has been finalized and we are very excited to see the final result. It has been very special to have a camera following every step you take; you get very conscious about the things you do and say. 

From the first moment we arrived in Spain, signing at the notary, renovating the house, the 5 day road trip with Bert’s parents, a glugged drain and leakage on the roof. Literarily every fart is filmed and documented ;). Now it’s waiting so see what footage will be used and when it will air; we do not get to see anything before it’ll air on tv. 

Thanks to the lovely crew for following and supporting us! We are super grateful for this opportunity and exited to see the final result, a great document of this beautiful and special step in our life. We will keep you updated about the date it will air on tv.  
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